DMX – Real Friends (Remix)

Yeah, uh, man
Thanks for the love and support baby, thank you
I hate you

[Verse 1: DMX]
Hate who I love, blessed with the curse
I was born to die, best of the worst
Wings but can’t fly, but first things first
I will until I’m stretched in a hearse
Niggas don’t get me, but I ain’t complicated
Thing about the truth is most niggas hate it
Didn’t ask God for what I wanted, I waited
Until He felt like I earned it, then he gave it
Anything worth havin’ is worth earnin’
The true nature of man is definitely worth learnin’
‘Cause why you’re concerning yourself with discernin’
Whether its worth savin’, its usually worth burnin’
I knew from the start that this life wasn’t mine
That’s why from the start, I put my life on the line
Gangstas runnin’ ’round cryin’ about dyin’
I got faith, I’ma go when its my time!

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