The Aces – Fake Nice

You never say
Anything that I need to
That I need to hear
Yeah I could stay
Participate in the bullshit
Or get out of here

All you do is take take
Like a river swallow up who’s in your way

All you do is talk
Really thinking that it won’t get back to me

Oh You know how to win them over but not this time
And if they ask, I’ll be honest, say what’s on my mind

Oh she’s so fake nice
You had me sympathizing
But oh you’re so fake nice

Oh I’m naive
If I wanted simplicity why’d I move to the city

I never was trying to get anything from ya
Guess that makes one of us

Say it wasn’t intended
Looking me in the eyes
Like you’re gonna get away with this
But I don’t have the time babe

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