Posted on July 9th, 2020
by Derêka K. Bennett Celebrity News

Back in February, Kamaiyah released her latest project, Got It Made, which features her hit single, “Pressure.” Now the star is back to share what she has in store for the future of her career.
After having a sit down with The Source, Kamaiyah gave a tell all about how she becoming her own boss and is working to make her career and label a success after leaving YG’s 4HUNNID Label.

I just was not happy. And I told myself I can’t wake up another day and be miserable. I don’t want to be that person, like 20 years later, wondering what if I would’ve did this? No, I’m going to take advantage of the situation now cause I ain’t getting no younger. So I did it, and it was respectable. I’m just like, yo, this ain’t working for me. I got to feed my family.

“It was a situation where my project had been pushed back and kept getting pushed back. And I told them, I warned them, if y’all do it again, I’m leaving,” she told The Source. “I’m not going to keep sitting here fighting y’all to put out music. That should never be the case. I should just be able to release whenever I f*cking feel like it. I don’t care if you don’t like my single, if I say this is it, let me shoot that shot… I never got the opportunity to have a national campaign. It was always held up.”

As far as her plans for the future, Kamaiyah says she’s learning to be patient and that success doesn’t happen over night. “I’m learning to just have patience and in order for me to even have a successful label, I have to be successful,” she tells The Source.

She continued: “I feel like I have to be in the momentum of the world right now because I took the four-year deficit. I accomplished so much in my first year. And for three years I wasn’t able to do anything. So in order for me to get back cracking, it’s gonna take half of that time. So I may not get a hit record for two years and I’m okay with that.”

As for her other relationships in the industry, Kamaiyah also took the time to address the rumored beef and alleged death threats between her and singer Kehlani over a collaborative project. “There was never any death threats and that’s the one thing that I definitely want to clear up,” she says. “I don’t do Internet or social media. Even when I address it, I addressed it one time and whatever people said about me after that, that was their own opinions. Like I know these people in real life, but I had never in my life threatened that girl’s life. Now what I did do was threaten to whoop her as*. I’m not going to take back from that. And that’s what I apologize for.”

She continued: “Some people can’t handle that pressure. So they’re going to make it seem like it’s something completely different from what it was to fit their narrative. She said I said I was going to shoot up her house, which has never occurred… I would never in my life threaten to shoot up an R&B singer’s house. My n*gga, I am from the streets. So like, do you honestly think that it’s that serious for me to shoot up an R&B singer’s house and jeopardize my lifestyle and what I built on my career, is it really that serious?”

View the full interview with The Source here.

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