New Reports Reveal Tory Lanez Allegedly Shot Megan Thee Stallion As She Was “Trying To Leave”

Posted on July 16th, 2020
by Marquin Stanley News

On Thursday (July 16), Page Six unveiled a report that Tory Lanez allegedly shot Megan thee Stallion this past Sunday following a dispute the two had in a SUV. While previous reports claimed Megan only suffered a glass injury to the foot, a source who spoke with Page Six shared, “Tory fired the shots from within the vehicle while Megan was outside trying to leave. There is video and the police are investigating. This is a case of a man physically harming and abusing a woman.”

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TMZ has also released a report revealing that an argument transpired in the vehicle after Megan, Tory, and Meg’s best friend Kelsey Nicole left a party in the Hollywood Hills of LA. Shortly after, Megan was allegedly shot in the foot twice by Tory Lanez after the musician opened fire in the SUV. According to TMZ, Tory Lanez has not been charged for the shooting alone as there are mitigating circumstances and witnesses will not cooperate with law enforcement.

LAPD has yet to confirm whether or not they possess any visual surveillance of the shooting for their investigation as any footage will “not be released until the case goes to court in order to protect the integrity of the case,” according to a LAPD spokesperson. The investigation is still ongoing as LAPD is currently seeking information in regards to what transpired early Sunday.

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Arrested for being in possession of a concealed weapon, Tory Lanez, born Daystar Peterson, was released from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department shortly after making his $35,000 bail. Following the shooting, Kelsey Nicole quickly posted and deleted a message Instagram where she stated that neither her nor Megan were in possession of the weapon.

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