Lupe Fiasco & Kaelin Ellis create ‘HOUSE’: STREAM ALBUM HERE

Posted on July 24th, 2020
by Derêka K. Bennett Album

It was only a month ago when Lupe Fiasco discovered producer Kaelin Ellis via Twitter. Now the two have an entire EP together. It all started with the young producer posting his beats online. Lupe heard one, added some audio and posted it back on Twitter where Kaelin later saw it, and gave him his approval.

Stop leaving y’all beats just laying around…it ain’t safe out here…#LF95 😷

— HOUSE EP NOW PLAYING (@LupeFiasco) May 5, 2020

Kaelin took the initiative to ask Lupe to collaborate, and now, fast forward to today (July 24), the two now have the five track EP titled as, HOUSE.

During an interview with HipHop DX, Kaelin tells how Lupe utilized all of the beats he shared on Twitter for the EP. “He’s like, ‘I got this idea, trust me,’” he tells HipHop DX. “That eventually turns into HOUSE with all my beats fully arranged into songs. I was floored!” Stream HOUSE below now!

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