Lyrica Anderson Shares EXCLUSIVE Details Behind Her New Studio Album “Bad Hair Day” W/ KarenCivil.Com

Posted on August 19th, 2020
by Marquin Stanley Album Interviews Music

“I’m just telling a story of my personal experience.”

In partnership with RIV Music, Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Lyrica Anderson has officially released her fourth studio album “Bad Hair Day.” Lyrica’s all-new project features the Ayo N Keyz-produced lead single “Act A Fool” as well as the smooth R&B track “Marriott.” On Lyrica’s latest LP, the accomplished R&B star allows fans access to her personal space as she delves into both the passionate and painful truths and experiences of love and life. “Bad Hair Day” finds Lyrica sharing the perfect resolution to handling life’s trials and tribulations as she continuously highlights perseverance, self-empowerment, positivity, and hope as common themes throughout the album.

When discussing her all-new album with KarenCivil.Com, Lyrica revealed details behind her journey to “Bad Hair Day” with site journalist Marquin Stanley. In regards to delivering her LP under RIV Music, who collaborates with their in-house content studio Riveting Entertainment, Lyrica admits, “I really love working with RIV. I feel like we have a dope connection and vibe. We just understand the vision together as far as what we want. Between them and my manager Prince and everybody, I feel like it’s really dope.” As Lyrica continues to be one of the industry’s most honest and talented artists, “Bad Hair Day” serves as a musically dynamic and powerful playbook that encourages listeners to make lemons out of lemonade when it comes to love and relationships.

READ the rest of our interview with Lyrica Anderson below as we discuss “Bad Hair Day,” Lyrica’s evolution as a songwriter, and working as a R&B singer during the pandemic. STREAM the full album below now and catch Lyrica’s upcoming virtual performance on “Rap Plug Live” in Atlanta Aug. 28 at 6pm/est!

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What are some of the challenges you have faced in creating your new project and stepping into a new era as an artist? 

“There are constant challenges. I was balling in the car before I went inside to cut some of “Plot Twist” and “Act A Fool.” I was crying because I was going through stuff and I was sad a** s**t. So it’s like, how do I get the energy to go in here and not show how sad I am? I think we were filming too, so I’m sitting here wanting some privacy and not really wanting to fly back to Atlanta to come home to film this bulls**t that I’m going through when I really just needed a moment to catch a break and feel better.”      

As a Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, your work greatly spans the 2010’s. How would you describe your evolution as a songwriter up to “Bad Hair Day?”

“As a songwriter, it’s nothing but constant growth even as an artist. I’ve been writing songs since I was like thirteen years old. I still love songwriting for other people and I will always do it, but right now my heart is really into me as an artist because it’s like I’m getting love and appreciation for my story. Maybe if I didn’t have a story to tell, I wouldn’t necessarily care, but I was trying to do dope Pop records. That’s what I used to do in the past. “We need an uptempo. We need a quick rapper.” But now I really care about telling my story of what I went through. Other women need to hear that because they’re going through it too. I feel like I wanted to share that with other women and girls. Girls have boyfriends from around fifteen and up, so it’s like you go through this cycle through all ages. There is no age group to be in a relationship when things are going wrong or your partner ain’t acting right, so he is about to act a fool or vice-versa. I feel like that is what’s so dope about my music. All ages can relate and it’s kind of one of those things you can’t really run from. I feel like I’m constantly growing as an artist and learning about myself. I’ve got my sound that I love and I will always love writing for other people.”

What are some of your personal favorites from “Bad Hair Day?’ And which track would you say found you writing your most honest and revealing lyrics this time around?

“I have a lot of favorites. Of course, “Marriott” and “Act A Fool” are my top two favorites. They are neck and neck. I love “Plot Twist,” “Brain,” “Lyfted,” “Girls Have Fun.” I love them all.”

Once “Bad Hair Day” drops, what can fans look forward to seeing from Lyrica during the album’s rollout?

“Definitely look for more content. The “Plot Twist” video is about to drop and we’re just going to do more and more content from there. It’s not stopping.“

As an accomplished songwriter, how would you say your goals in your life and career have changed today as opposed to when you began?

“Once you’ve accomplished so much, you want to go to the next level. There’s certain people I would take a moment to be like, “alright, I’m going to take a few days or a week to work on this person’s project, which means I have to put aside putting everything into my project “Bad Hair Day,” which is something I would be down to do, but it has to make sense because I am really really focused as an artist.”

What does it look like to finally have full control over your album and what it comes out to be?

“It feels good. I’ve been with one major label before and I didn’t even get a chance to come out so to be with an independent company, to be such a big part of the creative control, I write my own treatments, I sit up and edit my videos with the editors, I get the coloring together, I write it all out before it’s done. I am really going harder and much harder with this project.”

Talk to us about how it has been working during the pandemic as a musician.

“As a Sagittarius, I hate the unknown. I like to know what’s going on. We never know what’s going on anyway because we are not God. Along with how scary this pandemic is, you’re like “is it okay to do this? Am I pushing the limit?” Because lately I’ve been really busy and I’ve been working and I’ve had to be around people and wear masks. Sometimes I’m just nervous especially when you don’t know because they’re saying some people don’t show symptoms, but it’s like, “what do you do?” But it’s like I gotta shoot videos, I gotta work. The thing that sucks is that we can’t tour or do shows because right now, everyone wants me to come perform “Marriott” and “Act A Fool.” So the fact that I can’t go on stage and see people and touch the fans and stuff kind of sucks.”

“It’s extra pressure with my son. I won’t take him anywhere, but like the backyard or outside. Thank God he’s so young so he’s not requesting to go to the park. He gets his little toys and he’s used to being here, but at the same time, I used to love to put him in his little stroller and we would go have ice cream and do little fun stuff. I can’t take him to do anything right now, but in the midst of it, I’m trying to find the greater good and that’s where “Bad Hair Day” comes in.”        

How are you able to be so personable and honest with your fans?

“I guess once a lot of your business has already been put out there to the world, whether you were ready for it or not, or if it was exaggerated or edited how they wanted it to be, it’s like now you kind of experience the backlash, the teardown, the opinions of other people. With “Bad Hair Day,” I was like, ‘I’m going to tell my truth and what really happened. How things really went. My truth is the truth. I felt like when you’re on a show, you’re constantly being judged so I couldn’t help but be open whether I wanted to or not because my business was just out there. And then there started being pictures of me in the airport. You don’t have the privacy so it’s like, “well, why not? Here y’all go. Matter of fact, why don’t I just tell y’all what really happened since y’all all up in my business anyway.”    

So you write your treatments and all?

“Yeah I do, like with “Act A Fool,” I wrote the treatment. “Marriott” was a simple easy treatment, just hotel vibes. With “Plot Twist” I also wrote the treatment. Me and my director Damien got together and made it work. There were some things that I wanted in the treatment, but COVID shut a lot of things down so we couldn’t do everything that I wrote about. The ideas I had were super dope, but because of COVID we weren’t able to do what I wanted to do. It’s kind of annoying, but I’m really hands-on with my project and everything.”              

What advice would you give to your fans and listeners during this time in our country?

“I’m not going to sit here and say it’s not tough trying to work and get through a pandemic. It’s crazy. You can’t just get up and go anywhere. You have to organize private nail and toe appointments. You can’t just be like, “I’m about to go.” I don’t even know what nail shops are open right now. My advice is to just stay strong, keep going, work hard, build your craft, build your catalogue, build your relationships, and don’t give up.”

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